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Organic Pigments

A full color range of high-performance organic pigments is the result of our highly successful R&D programmes of the recent past. The product portfolio is customized to the demands of the market by permanently ongoing new developments. Phthalocyanine Blues and Greens, Azo Yellows, Oranges and Reds, Indanthrone Blues, Isoindoline Yellows, Benzimidazolone, Anthanthrone, DPP & Quinacridone Reds are part of our extensive product portfolio.

Heuco®Pigments for Printing Inks. Heuco®Pigments for Printing Inks. open_in_new
Monolite and MonastralPigments for Coatings. Monolite and MonastralPigments for Coatings. open_in_new
Vynamon®Pigments for plastics. Vynamon®Pigments for plastics. open_in_new