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Creating a home office is an increasingly popular way for people to work from home. Small business owners and those lucky enough to telecommute are able to get to work in record time, especially when the office is merely a few steps away from the bedroom. You want this space to be comfortable and attractive, especially if you have times that clients swing by for a quick meeting. You can use an epoxy coating to your advantage in this space and make a great impression on all who visit.

Why Use Epoxy In Your Home Office

The floor and your desk are two spots that can undergo renovation with an epoxy resin coating. Giving your home office a professional look and feel can help boost your overall productivity. Epoxy coatings done well will impress your clients from the start.

Home Office Epoxy Options


Create a one-of-a-kind look to your desk that imitates natural granite, marble, or a metallic effect, or simply stick with a primary color. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to choosing your color. You can use a matching color scheme for the flooring or set your inner-designer free to explore all the options.


An epoxy coating that gives off a smooth-as-glass appearance will make your desk look presidential. Adding texture can also be a way of setting your desk apart from any you have used before.


Carefully coat the edges of your desk with epoxy in a safe zone that has plastic on the floor to catch all extra epoxy resin. Add enough epoxy to the top surface that it will spill over and completely cover the edges. Your new desk can now serve as the centerpiece of the home office.


Carefully add higher trim around the edge of the desk and fill the gap from the surface to the top edge of the trim with epoxy resin. Add in colored rocks, small geometrical figures, mosaic tiles, or other objects, and let the resin cure.

Maintaining Epoxy In Your Home Office

Maintaining any epoxy resin surfaces in your home office is a matter of routine housekeeping. The surface will rarely require dusting but a quick wipe every now and again will keep the surface clean. Place furniture on area rugs if you have opted to epoxy the floor.

Home Office Epoxy FAQs

Can I epoxy resin coat bookshelves in my home office?
The epoxy resin coating is perfect for any flat surface, which includes bookshelves. Choose a color combination that compliments the theme of your decor.

Will epoxy resin fumes harm my electronics?
Airing out the room after the project is finished is a good idea. The fumes will not harm electronics, but you should move all items out of the room if you are doing the epoxy work in the office to keep them protected.

Will setting my laptop on my epoxy resin coated desk harm the finish?
Laptops and computers will not damage epoxy. Avoid pulling the computer across the surface, which can lead to scratches.

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